Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today we put up a swingset. A neighbor was ready to get rid of theirs so we moved the swingset from their backyard to ours today. We are so excited and blessed to have it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I had last weekend planned out so well, it was going to be filled with fun and some relaxation. Well, what I had in mind and what ended up being our weekend are tow completely different episodes. I love how when I feel that I have things the most together God says "hold on Meg, I am in control"
Friday morning I left for Chicago with the kids and Tyler and Breanna. We were going to spend the day at Shedd Aquarium and then to the hotel. (We were going to Chicago for Andrew and Kara's wedding). Jed drove seperate from us -- he worked in Chicago friday. We get to the parking garage and there is a marquee sign saying "2 hour wait to get into Shedd" (last week was free week at the aquarium). Well, I pulled a quick Uuey before paying to park. It was pouring rain at this point. Tyler suggested taking Paige to Bass Pro Shop because they have fish and Paige would probably be just as excited there. I put into the GPS directions for the hotel -- we are going to head there, if we see Bass we will stop, otherwise to the hotel to swim. Well, GPS got me lost in downtown Chicago for about 2 hours. During this it is hailing, raining, Paige and Camden are both crying, Tyler says pull over -- well you can't pull over anywhere in Chicago. Finally we are on the interstate. Heading to the hotel we see signs for the zoo, it has cleared up by now so we go to the zoo. As soon as I pull into the parking lot Breanna says "Paige is throwing up" "it is projectile" Vomit is everywhere in my van and Paige is sitting in the back seat singing 5 little monkeys jumpin on the bed. We get her cleaned up and the van (this took app. 598,765 wipes) and decide she got carsick and go to the zoo. We have a great time. Jed and I go to the rehearsal and dinner everything is great.
Saturday morning Paige wakes up we go swimming and out for breakfast during breakfast she says "mom I am going to choke" throws up at Denny's.
Anyway I will spare all of the details Paige was throwing up and had the runs from Friday noon until Wednesday morning! It was so sporadic though and she only acted sick on Monday. It really was a great weekend despite one sick kid.
Now I am looking at this and thinking should I even post this, this is long and who is really going to want to read this. However, I did just type it all (this is my therapy). And it will always be recorded if I forget how our weekend went.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I cannot believe that my littlest brother has graduated high school.



Thanks to Sylvie (one my wonderful babysitters) I have some great smiling pictures of Camden. What a great surprise to have these on my camera when I downloaded them.

Monday, June 15, 2009


A new school just got built in our town, so the old school got demolished this week. When we walked up there to watch Paige said "what are they doing to my school"

You can see in the picture how sad she was to be losing her school.


We spent 1 night camping with the Scott's and Birdsley's. Paige had a blast with Braden. Camden had quite possibly the best day and night of his life. I am contemplating putting a tent in the backyard and just sleeping out there with him.


Check out Paiges most recent tumble. If only her feet could move as fast as her mind wants them to.
We get these huge, beautiful smiles from Camden every day now.

My two favorite guys!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Camden has now discovered the ceiling fan!! It is by far the most exciting time of his day when he can lay under the fan and watch it go around and around and around.

Paige taught us a new word this week - food suitcase. After - "just one more book" and prayers (which are for every person and animal she has ever met including grandpa's cow with the bandaid on it's ear (an eartag) ) Paige asked for her milky. Her sippy cup was not in the fridge so I asked her where it was (she finds some of the best hiding spots for cups of milk:) she told me it was in the "food suitcase". It took me awhile and then I figured out that the "food suitcase" is her lunchbox.

Praise God for my Amazing Children!