Thursday, July 28, 2011


Silly faces with Great Grandma Mary
Cousins for Life
New Bootball shorts from daddy (just a little big:)
Reading with cousin Darby


The not-so-fun part of July for us was Paige developing a cyst that needed to be removed. A few weeks ago Jed and I noticed a lump on the side of Paiges neck. It was a hard and seemed to have just appeared. It was a Friday night, so I called her pediatrician who advised us to come in Sat. morning, thinking it was a lymph node. 2 doctors looked at it at her office and sent us for an ultrasound at the hospital, they did not think it was lymph node but a cyst. From there, we saw a surgeon at the Children's hospital in Peoria, who sent us for a 2nd ultrasound which confirmed this cyst and scheduled us to have surgery to remove it.
Tuesday of this week we got the cyst removed, about an hour long procedure. Now, we have 2 weeks of little activity, no swimming, bike riding, running and jumping.
Popsicles and Gatorade for breakfast the morning before surgery.
Paige and Daddy in recovery.
This bandage will stay on for the next 2 weeks.


Eating Avacodo Ice Cream!
Tea Parties!
Washing Steers at the fair!
Lemonade Stands!
T-Ball! (Paige is in the pink shorts)



Paige has been asking for awhile to get her ears pierced. So a few weeks ago we went to the mall and got it done. They did them 1 ear at a time and after the first ear, Paige would have been happy with 1 earring for the rest of her life. About 3 stickers and 2 suckers later she was ready for the 2nd one. She gets to put new ones in right at the same time she starts pre-school. As you can see Camden had lots of fun in Claires while Paige was getting her ears done.
After Paige got hers done, Jed said I should get my nose pierced again. Ever since I quit working at the hospital he has wanted me to re-pierce it. We will see, I may want to do it just to feel a little young and hip after the babies come. However, finding enough minutes to go and do it may be a little hard for awhile:)

Friday, July 8, 2011


At least one good cry a day is a given right now. Sometimes it is for joy, sometimes sadness, sometimes I just have no idea why I am crying or what I am crying about. I know this is all normal, I do hate it for Paige and Camden though who become so worried when mommy cries.
So, today I get the mail and there is a big envelope, I open it up and inside is...
Paige's preschool registration forms. I think I blocked this from my mind. We talk about her going to preschool, but I was hoping that the day would never really get here. In less than 2 months she will be starting preschool 3 days a week. She is super super excited and I just want to keep her at 4 years old in my house and never have her get old enough to go off without me.
I know ... call me silly ... it is where I am:)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Thanks to a lot of help from some pretty amazing, well extremely amazing neighbors we were able to move all of our stuff. We have so much more space now. It was bittersweet leaving our old house. That was our first home, we lived there for almost 6 years. It was filled with so many wonderful memories and fun times. The move was much easier than it could have been since we were not leaving our neighborhood which we love so much. I will try to get some pics of the new house and get them posted soon.


Paige started T-ball this summer. So far, she has had 4 practices and 1 game. 2 more games to go in her season. As you can see she likes to dress so we can easily be picked out. This was a little more challenging in her first game when she did have to wear the green shirt. It is a little tough to say the least, on Camden - not being able to be out there. I am sure he is confused -- why is daddy out there and Paige and he can't go. He does sneak out there every once in awhile, but seems to be doing better with it. I only got asked about 275 times at the last game if he could go play baseball with daddy and Paige:)


We had our annual camping and 4-wheeling trip to St. Joe State Park in Missouri. The first thing Paige wanted to do when we got to the campground was eat cheeseballs!
The first thing Camden wanted to do when we got to the campround was drink a pop!
The kids and I enjoyed hanging out at the lake all day. We were fortunate to borrow my brother Tyler's truck which we could take down in the sandy areas. Camden and Paige were able to ride around on the 4-wheelers for a little bit each day. The weather was beautiful and I felt great this whole trip. I decided that camping is easier than being at home. I did a lot of sitting around, didn't have to do much picking up or food prep.
When we were packing to leave we could not find the poles to our tent. We searched and searched and no luck. This past week when we moved in we found them in a tote labled "cookbooks."

Friday, July 1, 2011


I promise to be back soon with updates and pictures. This past month has been a little more than crazy here!
We are officially moved into our new home, thanks to the most amazing neighborhood in the entire universe!!
I am moving a little slower than usual. So what I used to be able to get done in 1 hour, now takes me an entire day or two.
Keep checking, my goal is to update with pictures this weekend:)