Sunday, November 30, 2008


Paige has been wearing big girl panties since Monday and is doing great. Tue and Wed she had the flu so she did not wear them much. Thursday she wore them in the car and stayed dry. Friday I had the flu - she did not have any accidents for Jed. Sat. we went to Wal-Mart and got more panties. She chose Elmos this time. She did just fine when we ran errands. She learned quickly at Wal-Mart that the drinking fountain is by the bathroom. She asked to go potty 3 times and always needed a drink afterwards also. Sat. night we went to a basketball game and she did great. We went potty as soon as we got to the school. When we were walking out of the bathroom she told everyone we walked by "I potty, I potty" and everyone just smiled at her and told her "good job." She wakes up 1/2 the time wet and 1/2 the time dry at naptime. She does have a couple of accidents during the day, which make her very sad that she has to take off her panties. She still wears diapers to bed, which she does not want to do at all.
I will keep you posted on how it goes. So far I prefer a little extra laundry over buying more diapers.


OK, I will have to do better at these pictures. I did not realize how much my stomach had grown, until I looked back at week #14. I have to wear all maternity or really big clothes right now. Last I checked I had gained a total of 10 pounds. Paige loves to kiss my belly, tickle my belly, and rub my belly. Then she does it to Jed's belly and her belly. She thinks that we all have babies in our bellies right now. I am feeling great. My only complaint is that my legs bother me a lot when I stand and I am getting some varicose veins. So, I have started to wear support hose - yeah!!


These are not the best quality. I tried to take a picture of a picture. But they are so darn cute I wanted you all to see our little person.


We had a blast playing in the snow today. Paige and I got up at 5:30am, not knowing that the ground was going to be covered with snow. I woke up Jed. I wanted to go out in it right then. It is amazing how having a child can make you feel like a child again. I did not want Paige to miss the snow. Jed told me that we were not going out in the snow. He said that I could go back to bed and he would stay up with Paige. I dreamt that when I woke up all of the snow was melted and that Jed and I had a fight over whether we should come in through the garage or the front door when we are done playing in the snow. When I awoke there was still lots of snow. We got in a couple of hours before going to church and then went and got our tree. The trees were so covered in snow we do not really know what ours looks like. It is very wet right now so we are going to wait to put it in the house.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sorry for the fuzzy picture.
Yes, Paige is wearing panties (kind of). She is so interested in going on the potty and goes many, many times throughout the day. We were at WalMart yesterday and bought some Dora panties. She wore them all afternoon and only had one accident. Today has been a sick day, so we haven't had any on today. Gosh, she looks so darn cute in them though. Will keep you updated on how she does.


Paige and Daddy reading bedtime stories. Paige with her friends at the park.

Paige and Adam dancing. Paige loves to put her swimmin'suits on around her waist. Then she begs and begs to go swimmin'

Cute outfit, picked out by Paige herself.

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Paige's Pumkin.

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile - 1 month just flew by again.

Promise this week that I will have a new belly picture- it will be 21 weeks!

Lots of fun Paige pictures from the last month.