Thursday, March 31, 2011


I did post last night - it was all about bribing Paige ( something I would never do). I guess I didnt save it. It was at 10:00 which is app. 2 hours past my bedtime:)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I found it, I saved it just didn't post it.

I learned quickly when I became a mom to not judge other kids or moms. Well, before kids I was not going to bribe my kids. I could think of many other great ways to accomplish what I wanted.
Well, tonight we went out for ice cream after supper. Why? Because Paige can now buckle herself in her booster seat. I knew she was capable, just not willing. As I think of our future I find myself thinking of things that will make life run smoother with 4 kids 4 and under. 1 of those was Paige buckling herself. Well, the bribe of ice cream worked in just 2 days.
And, I am tired. This is the first I have been on the computer today and it is past my bedtime. Would have skipped it, but only the 3rd day into my own little personal challenge. I cannot be defeated that quickly.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am hoping to get my camera cord soon so I can post some pictures of these 2 amazing little people. Both kids had their yearly checkups and are growing just fine.

40.75inches tall 75th%tile
37.25 pounds 75th%tile
Loves singing, dancing, coloring, painting, drawing, writing, and talking, talking, talking. She changes her clothes for every change in activity throughout the day, usually 10-20 outfit changes.

33.5 inches tall 25th%tile
31.75 pounds 90th%tile
(so he is not quite as balanced as his sis)
Loves football, basketball, soccer ball, baseball. He loves to throw everything. He loves trucks, cars and trains. He does not want to wear diapers or underwear, only basketball shorts and jerseys.

At what point do you stop posting your weight. I guarantee you will never see my weight posted on here. However, have gained 10 pounds at 16 weeks:) By 24 weeks should gain 25 pounds a little scary to think of doing, but if that's what I gotta do, that's what I will try to do.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hard to even say city. We live in a village of 1500 people. We have no backyard neighbors, just a field with the occasional tractor or 4 wheeler going past. However, I find myself wanting more country. Today we went to an open house 1 mile outside of our town. Awesome property with barns, sheds, garages... and an old farmhouse. The house in great condition, but old houses just have a different layout. For Jed to use the toilet he would have to sit sideways. Well, that is just not going to work. The stairway is so narrow and with a couple of turns, the only option for getting furniture upstairs is through a window.
I think this place just brought back so many childhood memories and is exactly where I have always pictured raising my family. It is so amazing how one little thing or smell can flood you with so many memories and emotions. Lots of tears on the 2 minute drive back home. (I cry very easily right now).
I have always said and will always work hard to make the very best life for my family wherever that means we are meant to be. Even if it means a city with backyard neighbors. But, I will always have a dream of that perfect place in the country.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have been less than regular at blogging. I think about it alot. I read other people's blogs, but mine just is lacking. So I am challenging myself to 40 posts in 40 days. Little late to call this my lent challenge, however close enough that it can count, right? It will be another week before any pictures. I have been missing my camera cord that allows me to transfer pics to the computer since Christmas. I finally ordered one on ebay and once it arrives I can get caught up on ordering and posting pics.
Check daily for the next 40 days and get a peak into the crazy, fun-loving lives of Megan, Jed, Paige, Camden and the next 2 little baby Swansons!
Both babes are asleep and hubby is watching basketball (probably his happiest time of year - March Madness). Time to curl up on the couch with some hot tea and a book.
More to come tomorrow!