Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I need to take the pictures off my camera and will post some once I do so.

Paige - loving preschool, plays school all of the time at home. All she needs to keep her happy is a piece of paper and something to write/draw with and she is happy all the day long. She is counting down the days til her big #5 birthday. Still, 6 weeks away but is busy planning it every day. She helped to celebrate daddy's birthday so big, lots of signs and wrapping up everything you could ever imagine and decorating his cake - she made the day super special. Cute thing she said today: "do you think God gave up on snow?"

Camden - loving these warm days. Back to being outside and riding his bike. He has burnt through 2 tires on his little 12incher already. He loves playing a football game with daddy every little chance he can throughout the day. He will sneak down the basement stairs to see if daddy has a minute to come and play a game. All he needs to keep him happy is something with wheels or a ball. Cute thing he said today: "I want to marry Grace (who will be 16 this month) or my gator."

Cora - little girl is just happy and content all the time, unless Camden (on accident) falls on top of her and then she gets a teeny bit mad. Started eating some cereal this week and she gets so excited and can't wait for the next bite. From the first time it was like she knew what to do. If she wasn't a twin I wouldn't have started feeding her yet, but Kale was acting interested so I decided to try her too and she actually likes it better than him. She did her first laugh out louds this week when Paige was talking her. She continues to be more fair and I believe will have blue or hazel eyes and blonde hair - daddy's girl for sure!

Kale - he reminds me so much of Camden when he was a baby. You watch him and you just know that once he can move around he is going to be so much happier. He is very happy and has been laughing out loud for a few weeks. His first laughs were for Paige also:) His cheeks are chubby chubby and so darn kissable. He makes more of a mess eating than actually eating. He still prefers to just nurse, nurse, nurse all the time. But come bedtime and he is done til the morning. He usually sleeps through the night or gets up once.

Jed - is still working as hard as ever. He is usually home in the basement 2-3 days a week and on the road the other days. I don't know how he gets anything done with us upstairs, but he never complains about the all of the noise:) He manages to take little breaks to play a quick football game with cam or read Paige a book. He has had to step it up in the household management dept. which I hate, but I need it I guess. I am enjoying the extra help getting a few things done, but hope to someday not have to rely on him so much for all of "my work".

Me - well I nurse a lot, read a lot, ramp a lot of cars, cook a lot of food, and what I spend the most hours doing is picking up stuff:) I have never liked treadmills, but bought a used one last winter and it has become my new best friend. It is my only option for any workout right now. Jed has been so good about saying " i have all the kids, go run" What it does for me mentally is greater than physically right now. Those minutes on their give me what I need for the rest of the day - so energizing!

And, I just wrote this whole post with no interruptions, they are all asleep:)