Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thursday will be week #24 of this pregnancy. This past month I have felt my best. This could be because I am a little pre-occupied with this whole house sale business right now. I know God will not give me more than I can handle, so I am sure our house will sell, we will move and then watch out... I will double in size and be wiped until the day they arrive. With the summer heat I have to admit I am getting a little nervous. You hear so many horror stories about being pregnant in the summer. However, I do love the heat and humidity so am hoping that plays into my favor a little. Today I did look into getting a summer pool membership. I am sure daily soaks at the pool will make this summer even better. Especially since I have 2 little fishies that are happiest when wet!
Yesterday we had another dr. appt. It was very uneventful which is great! Weight gain is between 20-25 pounds. I am measuring 34 weeks, which the dr. is happy with. Blood pressure, was nice and low. And, the kids each got a sucker so they were as happy as could be.
Whenever someone makes a comment or asks about me being pregnant, Paige lets them know that we are having 2 babies and that they are both girls! I have been talking a lot about the possibility of 1 boy and 1 girl or maybe even 2 boys. She refuses to accept these as options - she said God told her they are girls. She did tell me when I was first pregnant that it was twins, way before that was found out. This was news she got from God also.
Whenever someone makes a comment or asks about me being pregnant, Camden immediately lifts my shirt up and says, "see the baby beddies" This makes the stranger on the other side a little uncomfortable, but it is so darn sweet I let him do it every time. he felt the babies kick for the first time and said, "baby beddies popping!"
Have to say, I love being pregnant once again... the miracle of it all and the anticipation of what is to come makes every new stretch mark, varicose vein and leg cramp well worth it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


talking to daddy

helping daddy get the house ready to sell

bubble baths

trying to sell our house
So far we have had 2 showings and 3 more this weekend]


playing in the rain

having tea parties

using the big potty... however, I showed Cam how to pee outside and now that is the only place he will go. He calls everything he does "going poopy". The other day in the grocery store he was screaming at me that he wanted to go "poopy in the grass". And, yes there were other people in the restroom.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In our front yard is... a 4-sale sign! That is right, 5 months pregnant with twins and we are going to try and sell before the babies come. We found a house, which is double our size just down the street. After a little negotiating with those homeowners we came to an agreement, contingent on our house selling. So here we are. I keep praying to God that if this is his plan for us, that he will bring the buyers. So now I just need to have faith and trust that either way, if we are here or there, it is the best place for our family. And, I have to keep my house picked up all of the time! No more running to town with toys dumped out or dirty dishes in the sink. We have to be always ready at a moments notice to say, "oh yes go look at my house."

Friday, May 6, 2011


Camden has struggled with wheezing and coughing since he was about 2 months old. It is very frustrating for me. I feel like I have done everything to take the very best care of my little boy since the time I knew I was pregnant; eating well, vitamins, exercise, breastfeeding, extremely limited use of any type of medication for him or myself. And, here we are breathing treatments and steroids and chest x-rays in my 2 month old babies body. Then, we saw a chiropractor. It seemed like he had some improvement, but still was a noisy, rattly breather. Now I am back to trying the nebulizer whenever he starts to get a little congested to see if it helps.
His doctor said most kids outgrow this by the age of 2 when it starts so young. Well, he is 2 now, so it is time to outgrow it!
But, he is so good about sitting there and holding his little mask.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Scroll through the last few postings. For some reason they have been going out of order of how I posted them!